solar panels on home roof.

At ASAP Development Group we believe in efficiency. Efficiency not only in the way we do business but also long term in the design of our new custom homes. That is why we offer you options that include modern energy efficient homes.

Solar Energy is More Cost Effective Than Ever

Solar renewable energy is one of the best investments our new homeowners can make.  Our new energy efficient homes have a solar array design option that can virtually eliminate your electric bill. We say virtually because the way solar works within the different municipalities varies and we tailor our designs for the best application. We design our array to effectively zero out your electric bill, but each family uses different amounts of energy depending on habits and electronics. 

We could design a larger system that will produce an abundance of energy but that is not what is best for you! The most efficient way for solar to work is through net metering. Net metering allows you to feed the energy you produce into the electric grid. Your meter tracks how much energy your system produces and credits you for its  production. However, if you produce more energy than you use the credit you get on your bill is usually what it costs the electric company to produce electricity, not what you would be charged. Therefore your return on investment in not nearly as good.

Typically your return on investment for a new system is less than 10 years. After that period you would have a paid for solar array that will provide you with enough renewable energy to live virtually free of an electric bill for the next 20 – 30 years!